Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning

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Original Soundtrack by
Jami Sieber & Evan Schiller

This original film score steps further into the imaginative and evocative collaboration between Jami Sieber and Evan Schiller. (Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton – 2013, As She Is – 2014) The music pairs with Dorothea Lange’s story and images in such a way as to enhance and support, yet is distinct in its texture and phrasing. From old Americana style writing to modern contemporary instrumental, this music is timeless and flows like a continuous river. Unique colors of instruments such as nyckelharpa, dobro, and lap steel guitar add to the sometimes etherial, sometimes gritty sound inspired by Lange’s photography and her life story.

Jami Sieber: electric cello, voice, keyboards
Evan Schiller: keyboards, samplers, percussion, lap steel
Orville Johnson: acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin
Sandra Wong: nyckelharpa, violin

About the film: Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning
PBS American Masters Film

View more than six decades of 20th-Century America through the prism of Dorothea Lange’s life and lens. Known for her powerful images from the Great Depression, her haunting “Migrant Mother,” 1936, remains emblematic of that period. As young America matured into a world power, Lange continued to bear witness, bringing subjects alive, transmitting raw emotions and capturing the human condition. This film is made by Dyanna Taylor, Lange’s granddaughter, who began her artistic vision, literally, at Lange’s feet.

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I will set myself a big problem.
I will go down there, I will photograph this thing.
I will come back, and develop it.
I will print it and I will mount it.
And put it on the wall—all in twenty four hours.
I will do this to see if I can just grab a hunk of lightning.
Dorothea Lange

Cover Photos: Dorothea Lange (Migrant Mother) & Paul S. Taylor (Dorothea Lange photo)
Permission for use by D. Taylor

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