Unspoken: The Music of Only Breath

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This is something rare. An incredible cellist that also excels as a composer. I give you Jami Sieber and her album, Unspoken. The music is deep and emotional, the theme is obvious and the execution of both is spot. . .
- RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board - Read this review >

Cellist Jami Sieber has a talent for using her instrument like a painter, adorning her musical canvas with washes of vivid tones and reflective moods.

That impressionistic, expressive nature is more evident than ever on her gorgeous album, “Unspoken.” The instrumental soundtrack of the recent collaborative release, ‘Only Breath’, which features Sieber’s celloscapes in dialogue with mystical poetry, “Unspoken” is infused with the ineffable essence of the verses, allowing the listener to bask in the waves of music as they move from joy to grief to intoxication to stillness.

From trance-dance rhythms to prayerful stillness, “Unspoken” dissolves boundaries of musical genre, melding indigenous chants and rhythms with visionary compositions that quiet the mind and set the body dancing. “Unspoken” is a soundtrack to carry you through all the landscapes of your heart.


Jami Sieber (electric and acoustic cello, and vocals)
Ulali (First Nations Womens Vocal Group)
Kai Eckhardt (electric and acoustic bass)
Don benedictson (electric bass)
Steve Gorn (bansuri flute)
Benjy Wertheimer (esraj and tabla)
Julie Wolf (organ and piano)
Marjorie DeMuynck (duduk)
Rhiannon and David Worm (vocals)
Michaelle Goerlitz (percussion)
Susu Pampanin (percussion)
Evan Schiller (drums)
Erika Luckett (guitar)

“Unspoken” nominated for: NAR (New Age Radio) Lifestyle Music Award for Best Relaxation/Meditation Album, 2008

“Unspoken” charted #4 on NAR, 2008

“Unspoken” voted in Top 25 CDs on Echoes Radio, 2004

The Making of Only Breath and Unspoken

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