Second Sight

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This rich sonic journey weaves the warmth and beauty of Jami’s unsurpassable electric and acoustic cellos with drums, trumpet, sax, piano, accordion, vocals and nylon-stringed guitar…A delicious variety in arrangements, too, ranging from the full richness of bass, drums and vocals plus cello, to the poignant simplicity of solo cello. One of the most talented musicians we know has gifted us with another expression of her art.

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“Second Sight” is a powerful and engaging follow-up to Sieber’s first internationally recognized recording, ‘Lush Mechanique’ which was featured nationally in HEAR Music stores, and Barnes & Noble. A departure from the solo instrumentation of her first recording, “Second Sight” artfully weaves the rich complexity of Sieber’s electric cello with drums, trumpet, saxophone, accordion, vocals and nylon string guitar. The result is provocative and masterful.

Track number two, “Tell it by Heart,” was composed for the soundtrack of “Climb Against the Odds,” a documentary on breast cancer which premiered nationally on PBS in the spring of 1999.

“Second Sight” features guest jazz vocalist, Rhiannon, as well as pianist, vocalist and accordion-player, Julie Wolf (Bruce Cockburn, Ani DiFranco, Laura Love Band). Other guest performers include Joe Hadlock, Ben Smith, Jay Thomas, Erika Luckett, Nova Devonie, Garnet Hundley, Paula Stentz, Cary Black, Hans Teuber, Charlie Murphy, don benedictson, Tor Dietrichson, Om Jahari, and Marilyn Miller (Jami’s Mom).

The songs Tell it By Heart and Long Past Gone are featured on the popular video game Braid.

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