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“Jami Sieber was among the first looping cellists and she remains one of the best. The compositions on Timeless are beautifully etched with deep emotional nuance that will envelop you in their grace.”
-John Diliberto – Echoes Radio

“With this latest release, Jami has magnificently achieved her goal of composing music that transcends temporality. Not only is a sense of timelessness so exquisitely evoked, but the emotional resonance of the music is breathtaking. I can’t imagine listening to this album and not being deeply moved.”
-Michael Diamond – Zone Music Reporter

“I’m listening again to your new album, easing my heart-mind into your vast inner landscapes of sound. Such gratitude I feel for your art. And now this gift for deep time work”“
-Joanna Macy – The Work that Reconnects

“Jami Sieber’s ‘Timeless’ is an exquisite gift of music; it restores us with the calm and calming, unalterable breathing of the earth. Slow the heart; empty the mind of time. Jami Sieber has crafted a quiet but sturdy boat to keep us on the river of Here & Now.”
-Galen Garwood – Artist, writer

Timeless, the latest CD by visionary cellist Jami Sieber, is a transmission of pure stillness, sacredness and prayer. Layer upon layer of cello transport the listener into a world without clocks or calendars, where stress and striving dissolve, the heart melts open, and the walls that separate us from each other, nature, and our own self-love magically crumble.

Timeless conveys a powerful presence that goes beyond the haunting melodies and velvety striations of cello and voice. It invokes a realm where inner experience – be it meditation, massage, movement, or stillness – is deepened and intensified. This is powerful musical medicine.

There’s a world behind the world we see that is the same world but more open, more transparent, without blocks. Like inside a big mind, the animals and humans all can talk, and those who pass through here get power to heal and help. – Gary Snyder

May this music take you to this world and bring peace to your heart, to your life, and to those you touch.

The Making of Timeless

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