Canticles of Light

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  • Light is Returning - full song
  • Time to Love
  • Calling On the Spirits
  • Remembering
  • We Remain Faithful

Charlie Murphy and Jami Sieber`s classic 1984 album of `New Ritual Music,` performed with the Total Experience Gospel Choir, a youth choir from Seattle directed by the incomparable vocalist and conductor, Pat Wright. With an intoxicating fusion of energetic singing, upbeat chants, Jami`s beautiful acoustic cello, and instruments from around the world, “Canticles of Light” has been a major influence on the music of Neo-Paganism. Tracks such as the infectious “Light is Returning” and the soulful, haunting “Time To Love” (from a poem by Deena Metzger) continue to travel the globe as popular chants and songs. This is a RARE find! Available only by ordering directly from Out Front Music.