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Review of "REACH IN - Singing Bowl Offerings by Agu"

by Lisa Ferraro
Science of Mind: Guide for Spiritual Living

Agu has created a delicate and sumptuous expression of love. Expansive, peaceful and resonant beauty emerges from this rich combination of Korean and Himalayan singing bowls, tingsha cymbals, chimes, and temple bells. “Reach In,” Agu’s debut recording, opens every cell to the divine light within, one sublime tone at a time. Joined by internationally acclaimed cellist and composer Jami Sieber on the title track, “Reach In,” and “Field of Bliss,” the velvet strings neither intrude nor surprise but invite a presence that has been implied all along. Sieber’s gentle cello rises and falls, an exquisite dance that serves as counterpoint to the steady breath of the bowls. She adds a dimension as palpable and confident as the reassuring touch of a loved one. The vibrant tones pulsate and gently wash over the body. While listening, one can relax deeply into the music, allowing the feeling of floating safely above it all to take over. This is just one quality that makes this recording a perfect partner to any healing, meditation, massage, or Reiki session. This is the kind of music that heals. It is deep, heartfelt, and authentic. Beyond healing sessions, it is simply a joy to hear. Each listening experience is deep, relaxing and centering — a perfect antidote to the stresses of our daily lives. As a lifelong educator, Agu introduced singing bowls into the classroom and witnessed first hand how the music transformed energy and generated peace and tranquility. Who doesn’t need more of that? This is the singing bowl recording I have yearned for. Thank you, Agu.

— Lisa Ferraro