The Asian Elephant Project:

History and Vision

The Asian Elephants of Thailand provided inspiration for Jami’s CD, “Hidden Sky,” and now her project raises awareness of their plight and money for elephant care and conservation.

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Tour to Thailand

Come Find Your Elephant Self
A Journey with Jami Sieber in Northern Thailand
January and February 2015 – Both tours are SOLD OUT

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Trumpet: An Elephant Call

“Once you have looked into the eye of an elephant not only have you gazed into an ancient wisdom hard to contain or explain but you have met yourself in a grand planetary mirror of Millenia.” Colleen Kelley

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Poetry Concerts & Workshops:

BEYOND WORDS: Poetry and Music as a Portal to Awakening

A 7 Day Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii – March 22-29, 2015. Join Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber to pioneer the frontiers of consciousness and creativity that unfold through the transformative power of beauty, poetry, music, writing, community, nature, movement and profound silence.

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Poetry Concerts

To unite poetry with music is to open a portal in human consciousness. Both speak to direct experience below the armaments of the mind. Both can call forth the deepest mysteries about living and dying.

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Being With Dying:

ACTS OF KINDNESS: A Day of Healing and Inspiration for Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

Calling on her past experience as a nurse and health care provider, Jami has recently joined long–time friend and midwife to the dying, Judith Redwing Keyssar RN, to provide music during this “Acts of Kindness” Workshop designed for those who spend their days helping relieve the suffering of others.

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