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BEYOND WORDS: Poetry and Music as a Portal to Awakening

Join Kim Rosen and musical alchemist, Jami Sieber where the black rocks meet the white-frothed waves, where the singing of the whales breaks the surface of the sea, and where the music of cello and change intertwine with poems, songs, and silence emerging from the circle in a constantly evolving miracle.

In this retreat we immerse ourselves in the poems we love and the poems we write. They become our teachers, healers and companions. We invite the magic that unfurls as poetry intertwines with music. In addition there are sessions of breathwork, chanting and movement. We enter silence together and alone. There is ample free time to mingle with the island life that surrounds us. The retreat culminates in a “mysterium”: an exploration beyond ordinary words that spans poetry and music, night and day, sound and silence, waking and sleeping, aloneness and communion…

At this pivotal moment in history, there is a paradoxical urgency to slowing down, focusing on what matters most, and looking into each other’s eyes and speaking the truth. Please join us as we call on the ancient power of poetry and music to awaken and heal ourselves and the world around us.

The workshop costs are as follows: Workshop Fee: $3300 (double occupancy) $3850 (single) – all expenses included except to and on island travel.

If you’d like to pay by PayPal, please email Kim at address below and she’ll give you the information you need.

Retreat Location:
Pu’u O Hoku Ranch, Molokai, Hawaii

Next Retreat
March 23-30, 2018

For Further Information and to Register:
Please email Kim Rosen, visit website, or call 415-250-9786