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To unite poetry with music is to open a portal in human consciousness. Both speak to direct experience below the armaments of the mind. Both can call forth the deepest mysteries about living and dying. When the words and the music emerge from and carry us toward the source of the heart’s truth, great healing and awakening can occur.

In 2001, Jami began collaborating with poet and performance artist Kim Rosen in the creation of “Poetry Concerts.” Since that time, they have been exploring an innovative dialog where music that travels from world rhythms to prayerful stillness is interwoven with spoken poems from around the globe and across time. The focus is on an equal relationship between the art forms rather than the more traditional approach in which the music is background to the poem.

Each concert is an invitation to rediscover what mystics, poets and shamans have known for centuries: when you join powerful rhythms with the language of the soul, the mind can’t contain the experience and bursts open to an unsayable “Ahhh!” of pure wonder.

Jami and Kim have released a recording entitled Only Breath, (2007) that was created over the years of their collaboration. What began as improvisational exploration during performances and workshops has ended up as an exquisite marriage of music and poetry that you can purchase.


Join Jami and Kim for a transformative immersion in mystical poems, music, guided meditation, movement, and interpersonal revelation designed to melt your defenses, liberate the flow of your feelings, and open you to yourself and others. You do not need to recite, write or even like poetry to discover its power as prayer, celebration, and awakener. Bring a notebook and pen and wear clothes in which you can move and sit comfortably.

Both personally and professionally enriching, this workshop will give you an opportunity to directly express your soul and leave with tools and practices to bring that expression into your life and work. As Kim says, “When you speak a poem aloud, you receive its medicine and can offer it to others, thus becoming a voice for truth and healing.” You do not need to know poems to benefit from this workshop.


Friday September 15, 2017 – 7:30pm
Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living – Center Stage
505 Camino de Los Marquez
Santa Fe, NM
$20 Adv. $25 at door
Tickets on sale HERE

Saturday September 16, 2017 – 9:30am – 6:00pm
Santa Fe, NM
For reservations or further info email Kim Rosen