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Tour to Thailand

Come Find Your Elephant Self
A Journey with Jami Sieber in Northern Thailand

January 8-20, 2018 SOLD OUT
January 24 – February 5, 2018 SOLD OUT

“Elephants are the crowning jewel in the mystery and magnificence of our planet’s inhabitants.” Colleen Kelley

Come to Thailand to feel the power and beauty of it’s people and the elephant. This is an extraordinary opportunity to be with elephants and their mahouts (caretakers) within a small group setting. Together we will explore further the experience through writing, sharing, and reflection – a journey to connect with our own deepest nature that at one time was in sync with the earth and its animals.

For centuries humans have been working with elephants in Thailand, forming relationships that are likened to a marriage. Elephants like humans have a creative rhythm, intelligence, and language. By being with these magnificent creatures we will begin to know that mystical relationship and rhythm.

The intention of this tour is to educate and inspire. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was said to be 100,000 elephants in Thailand. Now there is reported to be approximately 2500 captive elephants and 2400 elephants in the wild. This will be a time to hear from elephant experts living in Thailand some of the ways that they are working to protect the elephant. This will also be a time to listen to our inner voice and to our collective voice within the circle.

The trip will include a three night, 4 day Mahout Training Program at The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, a day visit to Boon Lots Elephant Sanctuary, guest presentations by elephant experts such as Soraida Salwala – co-founder of FAE Elephant Hospital, and Richard Lair (author and Asian elephant expert). There will also be time to take in some of the local beauty and cultures of Northern Thailand including side trips to ancient Buddhist temple sites, a spa that offers Thai Massage, and Thai Markets.

Each tour is limited to 8 participants.
Tour fee includes: accommodations (single or double occupancy), most meals, all entrance fees into elephant activities, group transportation via mini-vans, lectures, and Mahout Training.

Please contact Jami for further information about fees or to register.
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