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Trumpet: An Elephant Call

“Once you have looked into the eye of an elephant not only have you gazed into an ancient wisdom hard to contain or explain but you have met yourself in a grand planetary mirror of Millenia.” Colleen Kelley

Trumpet: An Elephant Call is a collaboration between artist/author Colleen Kelley and musician/composer Jami Sieber in response to the Asian elephants tragic and inspiring story told through music, images and prose poems. Along with the elephant stories, they weave stories about the people they have met at various locations in the U.S. and Thailand such as Katherine Connor and her husband Anon whose beautiful elephant preserve, Boon Lots Elephant Sanctuary, gives refuge to rescued elephants; Soraida Salwala who started the First Asian Elephant Hospital, FAE Elephant Hospital and Dr. Richard Lair who wrote a United Nations Study and has collected a large library on the Asian elephant. You will hear about the elephant Pung Motala who stepped on a landmine on the border of Burma during a logging operation and whose mahout walked with her for three days to get help. This gripping story drew international attention to the Asian elephant crisis.

The elephants in the coastal town of Phuket were trumpeting in alarm hours before the devastating tsunami struck the coast. Because of them human lives were saved. We have named our project Trumpet: An Elephant Call in honor of them.


  • What: An exhibition, multi-media performance and an eco-art curriculum for children exploring and celebrating the mystery and magnificence of our planet’s inhabitants.
  • Exhibitions: 80 of the finest painting done by elephants at the Lampang Conservation Center in Northern Thailand.
  • Fine photographic portraits of the elephants and their mahouts (keepers) done by Dr. Elephant (Richard Lair)
  • Photographic portraits of the elephants rescued from dangerous and abusive conditions by Soraida Salwala and other leaders.
  • Body of fine art and a book inspired by the elephants by Colleen Kelley

Musical multi-media performance by Jami Sieber (electric cello) and Visual Artist and Author Colleen Kelley. A live performance which includes a film/collage of poem/ story and images will coincide with the opening of the exhibition and a DVD of the performance will be on display for the duration of the exhibit.

The education eco-arts children’s programs will have a design template created to include multiple learning modalities and will be made available to local educators and artists to design programs for children at different grade levels.


“Colleen Kelley is the ultimate environmental artist. You must see her work!” Author Theodore Roszack

Colleen Kelley is an artist, author and teacher. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a fine arts degree and a second major in cultural anthropology. She has been exhibiting her work since 1971 and spent 10 years on a collaborative project working with artists, teachers and ecologist which produced an artful environmental curriculum that is being used in schools, churches and family groups around the world.

“Jami Sieber plays music on electric and acoustic cello with a passion that translates into soul-baring poetry.” Conscious Choice Magazine

Jami Sieber’s cd “Hidden Sky” was released in 2004 after having spent two months with elephants in Thailand. She then worked to translate that profound experience into music and story. Since the cd’s release she has engaged with audiences around the country as well as in Mexico with her multi-media performance that honors the elephants and the relationship between elephants and humans. She is committed to alleviating the plight of the elephants as well as the issue of how do we as humans reconnect with and protect our greatest resource: the planet and all its inhabitants. “Hidden Sky” is Jami’s third independently produced solo recording. She has been touring internationally since 1981 and has gained international recognition for her style of performance on the electric cello.

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